Our Tours


Here you find an overview of our tours. Please contact us if you are interested in an individual arrangement!

Archaeology Tour in the Orkhon Valley (11 days)
Trip to the Gobi desert and into the Orkhon valley to see the archaeological excavations of the Mongolian-German Karakorum Expedition
Bike Tour through the Valley of the Orkhon River (15 days)
Off road biking tour through the Khustai Nuruu and Khangai Nuruu national parks, two of the most beautiful landscapes of Mongolia
Birds of Eastern Mongolia (15 days)
Bird watching tour in the fascinating landscapes of Eastern Mongolia
Caravan Routes (22 days)
A tour from the South to the North of Mongolia, from the Gobi desert to the Siberian Taiga, from sand dunes to the scenic Huvsgul lake.
Eco Volunteer Program in Khustai Nuruu National Park (15 days)
An adventurous journey to the Przewalski horses (Takhi) in Mongolia, experience the wonderful landscape of the Khustai Nuruu national park.
Endless Steppe of Eastern Mongolia (15 days)
We visit the birthplace of Chinggis Khan in the village Dadal and go to Mongol Daguur, the strictly protected area, with many small lakes, where endangered bird species can be seen.
Gobi Desert, Altai Mountain Chain and Central Mongolia (22 days)
An excursion to the Gobi desert, to the Altai mountain chain in the West and to the Khangai Nuruu mountain range including the hot springs of central Mongolia.
Hiking and Riding in the Altai Mountains (18 days)
An active tour in Altai Mountain Range with hiking and riding through the national park Altai Tavan Bogd
Hiking Discovery in the Land of the Khalkh Mongols (18 days)
History and nature of southern and central Mongolia with beautiful sand dunes, lakes on the mountain peaks and friendly nomads
Hiking with Yaks in Central Mongolia (11 days)
Hiking in the Khangai Mountains with pack yaks to Naiman Nuur, Eight Lakes, one of amazing landscapes of Mongolia, called the "Mongolian Switzerland"
Jeep Safari in the Country of Nomads, Naadam (22 days)
A ride through the steppe and the Altai mountain range, passing scenic lakes and light hiking through impressive hilly landscapes.
On Horseback through Steppes and at Mountain Lakes (15 days)
Horse riding through the beautiful mountain landscape to the Lakes Naiman Nuur
On the Sun Way of the Nomads (8 days)
A glimpse of the country of Mongolia, it's people and culture
Protection of the Gobi Bear, Mazaalai (18 days)
Help us to protect the endangered Gobi Bear (Mazaalai), an adventurous and unforgettable eco-tourism journey into the wilderness of Mongolia.
Shamans of Mongolia (11 days)
An extraordinary tour to the shamans of Eastern Mongolia, including the possibility to participate in their authentic and almost extinct rituals.
Short Trip in Mongolia (3 days)
A glimpse of the country of Mongolia, meet the people and their culture, and see the city of Ulaanbaatar
Short Trip in Mongolia, Living in a Traditional Ger (4 days)
Experience the culture and nature of Mongolia, and sleep well in a Mongolian Ger (traditional nomads' yurt)
Western Mongolia by Jeep (15 days)
An adventurous trip to the nomads of the Central Mongolia and Altai Mountain Range, to discover their the way of life