Explore Mongolia has been actively working for over 20 years to make your holidays in Mongolia a lasting impression. Environmentally friendly travel is our motto and our trademark. We support conservation projects of the Mongolian Ecotourism Society.

We offer tours to the most beautiful natural sites in our country. The wild and untouched nature of Mongolia gives you many possibilities to see and enjoy the clear lakes and rivers with full of fish, wild rivers, meadows with flowers and herbs, extensive forests, endless steppes, the living Gobi desert, where one loses sight in the distance and overall our blue sky.

During your trip through Mongolia, you can visit many national parks, nature reserves and untouched landscapes to admire the beauty of nature and manners and customs of the nomads. Our routes are full of varying impressions, intensive city tours and deep insight into the nomadic culture and the spirit of Mongolian Buddhism. The transfers are as short as possible; there is always plenty of time for photo stops.

Your visit to our country will be a memorable and intense experience that you could never forget. We travel in small groups with individual guides and our staffs are local professionals who will stand aside with experience and local knowledge. You will be charmed by our friendly and helpful tour guides.

We organize for you:

  • Group and individual tours and holidays
  • Special interest tours such as hiking and horse riding tours
  • Ecotours and archaeological expeditions
  • Event tours such as: Naadam, Yak, Ice and Camel festival
  • Theme Travel such as: shamans, flowers, birdwatching tours
  • Hotel bookings, flight and train tickets

Tell us your travel needs, we will develop and send you an exclusive offer!

Your Explore Mongolia Team

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Mongolian Tourism Association