Archaeology Tour in the Orkhon Valley

11 Days

Trip to the Gobi desert and into the Orkhon valley to see the archaeological excavations of the Mongolian-German Karakorum Expedition.

Departure from Europe to Ulaanbaatar/Chinggis Khan Airport.

Morning arrival at Chinggis Khan Airport in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to the hotel, after breakfast short break, city tour including Gandan Monastery and the National Museum of Mongolia. After lunch we will visit the Choijin Lama Temple Museum, dinner at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport for a short flight to Gobi, short drive to the Nature Park Gobi Gurvan Saikhan to walk in Vultures Gorge "Yoliin Am", visit to the Gobi Museum, after picnic we will drive northward to reach Bayanzag, where the first discoveries of dinosaur fossils have been made. In the late afternoon, after reaching our ger camp, walk to the "Flaming Cliffs" with colorful view of Gobi landscape.

Today we will continue our journey northward to Gobi River Ongiin Gol, in the afternoon we will visit the memorial museum of temple ruins of Ongi, which was destroyed by the communist regime in 1930s, stay overnight at the ger camp "History of Ongiin Gol" with old style luxury gers.

Morning drive northward to reach Kharkhorin, in the afternoon visiting the monastery Erdene Zuu (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the excavation of the Mongolian-German Karakorum Expedition, in the evening we have folklore event and stay overnight at ger camp. Reference for two nights.

Day trip heads to Kharbalgas, visit the ruins of the Uighur capital (745 – 840), Project “Orkhon Valley – Karabalgasun” of the Mongolian-German Karakorum expedition.

Trip to Khushuu Tsaidam, Turkish memorial site for the prince Kul Tegin and his brother Bilge Khan (7th century). Continue our drive to the lake Ugii Nuur. Stay overnight in ger camp with wonderful view of the lake Ugii.

Today we will drive towards east in direction of Ulaanbaatar. On the way stop at the ruins of Khar Bukhiin Balgas, monastery ruins from the 17th century, built on the wall of the Kidan period (10th century), stay overnight in ger camp close to the ruins.

We continue our tour south to reach world famous nature park Khustain Nuruu, well known through the project of reintroduction of Przewalski horses, one of ancient wild horses named by Mongolians “Takhi“, visiting water place of Takhis and tombs of Turkish Empire of 7th century, night in extra ger managed by local nomads.

Morning to Ulaanbaatar, in the afternoon we will have time for shopping and sightseeing in the city, in the evening farewell dinner with folklore, stay overnight in hotel.

In the early morning transfer to airport and departure.


  • Domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to Gobi, transfers, English speaking guide, 9 nights: 2x in hotel, 7x in ger camps, full board

Not Included:

  • International flights (from € 790,-)
  • Surcharge for single room/single yurt: € 150,-
  • Surcharge for trips including Naadam: € 150,-

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Archaeology Tour in the Orkhon Valley
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